Synthra Rad Chromplus is a completely radio/UV-HPLC system for routine quality

Synthra RadChromplus is a completely radio/UV-HPLC system for routine quality control of any radio tracer. To measure the radiochemical purity is simple, with easy-to-use and validated software Chromstar 7. Synthra offers two basic modules. One with an isocratic pump and a second one with a quarternary gradient pump. Both modules can be upgraded individually.

The isocratic unit is equipped with an isocratic pump. The integrated vacuum degasser supplies gas free solvents. Optional the RadChromplus is available with a quarternary pump.

The variable wavelength detector can record any wavelength between 190 - 900 nm.

1st Option: Dual-wavelength upgrade to record two channels at the same time.

2nd Option: The RadChromplus is provided with a diode array detector (DAD).

The isotopic detector records only β particles for a light and compact radio/UV-HLPC system without heavy lead shielding.

The integrated column oven (20 - 100 °C) can take 250 mm long columns.

With an upgrade it can contain up to four columns. The columns will be selected by a switching valve. Then the module can be used for a radiochemical analysis of four different tracers.

The system provides a manual injection valve to avoid radiation safety issues when using an autosampler. One injection needs only 20 μL of the sample probe.

All wetted stainless steel parts like tubing, pump head, relief valve, flow cell and column are available in PEEK.

A portable PC for controlling the RadChromplus with min. 320 GB hard disk drive, 4 GB RAM, CD/DVD reading/writing, 15” screen and LAN port is included. The RadChromplus is controlled via USB from the provided notebook.

The software ChromStar 7 has a complete new structure and concept offering an even easier and faster user control and in particular an improved and simplified data management. With the great flexibility of ChromStar 7 all liquid chromatography processes are simple to carry out in full compliance with the GLP guidelines. ChromStar 7 gives an unlimited access to all the advantages of networks and supports national and international regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Variable wavelength detector
  • Isocratic pump
  • Vacuum degasser
  • Manual injection valve (20 μL sample loop)
  • One radioactive radiation detector (One radioactive radiation detector (diode
  • technology, only β particles or scintillation detector for 𝛄emitters)
  • One eluent solvent supply bottle
  • The unit as well as the software are easy to set up and operate
  • Electronic control and data collection system via USB
  • cGMP compliance complete logbook for cGMP documentation
  • Password protected access to software
  • Computer, software (Windows 7, ChromStar 7) and mouse included
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