Radiation Dedication Equipments

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Survey Meter

The flat response TBM-IC-MV is a fast, sensitive ion chamber survey meter which detects alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation.

contamination meter

Survey cum Contamination meter

Includes radiological filter, compliant to IEC60846 and IEC60325 for

Easy to read 7-segment LCD display panel.

User selectable thresholds.

Portable, lightweight, compact, one hand operation.

Simple 3 push-button operation.



The RAM ION DigiLogis a battery operated, auto ranging, portable ion chamber survey meter designed for highly stable and accurate measurement of dose rates and integrated dose of gamma, x-ray and beta radiation.


Area Monitor Pocket Dosimeter

The Capintec™ CAP-RAD Smart Area Monitor is network ready, with a large easy-to-read display.


Decontamination Kit

Paper drum:- 1, Radiac wash 500ml:- 2, Absorbent papers :- 10, Cover all disposable :- 2