PET Dose Drawing System is used to draw radioactivity  FDG F-18 doses from a vial. It consists of a specially designed Dose Drawing Syringe Shield, vial shield and stand. When drawing FDG F-18, the vial shield and syringe shield remain on the stand. The stand allows the vial shield to rotate and has a fixed stop at the 45-degree downward angle.

With tilted functionality

Removable easy screw cover

Lead Pot

135mm outer dimension

55mm inner dimension

210mm height with SS cover

Tungsten Pot

Weight: 14 kg

Pit dimensions (mm) 33 x 57 (Ø x h)

External dimensions (mm) 93 x 130 (Ø x h)

Shielding (Tungsten) 29.5 mm

The top is locked by means of a fixed joint (bayonet lockup). The lockup is equipped with a O-Ring seal that ensures a perfect tightness. CF18T shielded container is also equipped with a built-in handle to enable an easy transport.

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