The γ-radiation measuring system Mucha Nova is designed for the spectroscopy analysis of environmental

samples or for determination of very low activities in food, water, waste samples etc.

(nuclide impurity, food, water and waste analysis). The use of the multi-channel analyser is simple and intuitive; the user is guided through a dialogue on the screen. Display of

the measurement is live. Automatic energy calibration is obtained by using a suitable 137CS calibration source. Selected

energy regions are coloured. Background spectra can be accumulated and automatically subtracted. In order to offer a

suitable spectrum display, a low, medium and high energy range can be selected

  • Easy operation
  • Life spectrum display
  • Selectable nuclide ROI’s
  • Calibration to Bq
  • Storage of measurements
  • Management of files
  • Quality control for PET Marinelli 1 I, 2x2’’ Nal (TI), mixed calibration source
  • Nuclide impurity in %
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