Lead Shielded Syringe Holder SPECT / PET

The Syringe Holder gives protection to the Nuclear  medicine / PETCT technologist, facilitates hand carrying of syringes containing radioisotopes. The Syringe Holder is designed to hold syringes that have been placed in a syringe shield. This unit can hold syringes from 2 to 10 cc.

—Accommodate Syringes From 2ml To 10ml

—Wide Base For Stability

—Lead Thickness 6mm/12mm for SPECT / PET SS cover

—Weight Approx. 1.8kg

—Inner Diameter 20mm 

—Inner Height 140mm  

—Outer Diameter 40mm

—Outer Height 150mm

—Outer Diameter Ground Plate 65mm

—Height Ground Plate 10mm