Gabi Nova

  • The Gabi Nova is a versatile state-of-the-art radio flow monitor. A large range of detector
  • probes allow the measurement of nearly every isotope, ensuring the Gabi Nova is ideally suited
  • for radio flow measurements in nuclear medicine, SPECT or PET laboratories.
  • Multiple flow cells for different volumes in conjunction with different probes enable the system
  • to be configutred for all types of activities and energy ranges. The right combination will ensure
  • best detection capabilities and the best signal to noise ratio for each application.

Technical Specifications

2 simultaneous counting channels

Spectrum scan

Energy range 30 – 2000 keV

Detector voltage range 100 – 1200 V (0,5V setting precision)

Count rate 0 – 1.000.000 cps [to be reviewed]

Linearity 0 – 600.000 cps r2 >= 0.99

Data output USB2.0

10/100 Ethernet

2 analog outputs (0-2.5V, resolution 20 bit)

Digital I/O interface:

3 inputs

5 relays outputs (500mA , 200V)

Flow cells 5μl to 1500μl

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