The Dosimeter Setting Device displays and updates the operation parameters in Electronic Personal Dosimeter via infrared data communication interface with the dosimeter. The measurement trend data can be read out from the dosimeter by this Setting Device.The software of the Dosimeter Setting Device is based on the Microsoft®Windows®operating system.


—Gamma and X-ray

—Energy Range-35keV to 3MeV

—Silicon semiconductor

—Dose Rate*: 0.001mSv/h to 999.9mSv/h (0.1mrem/h to 99.99mrem/h)

—Accuracy ≤ ±10% (0.01mSv to 999.9mSv (1mrem to 99.99rem), 137Cs)

—Energy response ≤ 20% (60 Kev to 1.5 Mev)

—4-digit OLED (0.001 to 999.9)

—Dose ,Dose rate ,Operation Time, Alarm

—Dose Rate Linearity ≤ ±10% (137Cs)


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