The dispensing hot cell model is designed for aseptically dispensing sterile radiopharmaceutical solutions under an integrated laminar down flow providing a GMP class A environment. This cell is a complete solution including; shielded compartment with 75 mm lead on all sides and includes an internal stainless steel box with rounded

corners for easy cleaning.

The DPB is available in two widths and can be equipped with an airlock or with a preparation isolator on the left or right side. Either of these are connected to the main compartment with inner, airtight, lead sliding doors. These compartments help you to design the required cascade of air quality values needed to dispense your  adiopharmaceutical solutions according to current GMP requirements.

  • Internal stainless steel box 316l,finish grade # 4
  • Inside dimensions :709x719x787mm (W x D x H)
  • 75 mm lead shielding in all walls ,roof and floor
  • Interior Finishes comply with pharmaceutical regulations for cleaning and validation
  • Retrieval drawer for collection of product vial in transport container
  • Front hinged door , manually operated
  • Lead glass window 200 x 250 mm(W x H) in front door,75 mm lead equivalent
  • Acrylic door with two glove ports and special seals to maintain airtight integrity
  • Two lead shielded sphere units with easy to use tong manipulation system
  • Air inlet DN 50 with Hepa filter , including valve
  • Air outlet DN 50 ,including valve
  • Air exhaust max. 30
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