CRC®-55tW Dose Calibrator

CRC®-55tR Dose Calibrator- Item #5130-3234


  • Dose Calibrator and Well Counter, the CRC55tW dose calibrators provide advanced features with the speed and accuracy you need to measure activity and prepare doses. Its ion chamber is one of the time-tested, high pressure well designs by Capintec™ capable of measuring a dose as high as 6 Ci (250 GBq) with high accuracy. The CRC-55tW calibrator features a new helpful chamber plug-and-play capability.
  • For wipe testing, the CRC-55tW calibrator allows the user to define specific counting procedures (protocols) with trigger levels for work, patient, unrestricted areas and sealed source leak tests. The CRC-55tW unit also performs counting functions for wipe tests in as little as six seconds at activities as low as 1 nCi. Low activities are measured with a drilled well high sensitivity Sodium Iodide (NaI) detector.
  • The well counter includes a 256 channel MCA which provides detailed spectrum for identification and analysis. Manual and automatic ROI selection are available.
  • The chamber and counter of the CRC-55tW calibrator are combined in a menu driven, touch screen interface that is easy to learn and use.
  • Reports software, new for the CRC-55t-W unit, archives well counter data for quality assurance procedures, wipe measurements and laboratory tests. Well counter reports are stored and searchable by date range for later viewing or printing. Wipe tests are searchable by date range, wipe type, and activity.

Well Detector

  • Type: Sodium Iodide (NaI) drilled-well crystal detector
  • 256 Channel MCA, manual and automatic ROI
  • Warning Trigger Levels: User-definable
  • Tests: Daily test, energy calibration, and reproducibility
  • Enhanced QC includes Chi-Square and MDA

Ionization Chamber

  • Fill Gas: 12 atm Ultra Pure Argon
  • Measurement: Auto ranging
  • Activity Range: Up to 6 Ci (250 GBq)
  • Resolution: .001 MBq (.01 μCi)
  • Response Time: Within 2 sec., for low activity sample, 4 to 16 sec. (user selectable)
  • Tests: Daily tests include Auto Zero, Background Adjustment, Voltage Test, Data

Check, Accuracy and Constancy

  • Enhanced QC includes linearity, geometry, strip QC

Display Screen

  • Type: 8” VGA LCD color touch screen display
  • Bq/Ci Reading: User selectable or fixed
  • Activity Display: Selected radionuclide, calibration number, measured activity and

display units (Bq/Ci)

  • Count Rate Values: Wipe and lab test results

Standard Source Data

  • System Memory: Co-57, Co-60, Ba-133, Cs-137

Repeatability of Measurement

  • Within ±1% within 24 hours, during which time calibration is powered at all



  • Accuracy: Better than ± 2%
  • Linearity: Within ± 2%

Molybdenum-99 Assay

  • Methods: Canister or CAPMAC

Additional Info

  • Display
  • Well counter
  • Display stand
  • Liner
  • Dipper
  • Power cable
  • 25 pin connector
  • Manual
  • Calibration certificate
  • Well counter