CAPRAC®-t Wipe Test/Well Counter

Cs-137 Rod Source: Item #0975-137R Eu-152 Rod Source: Item #0975-152R
Test Tubes: Item #0670-0016
  • Measure for measure, no other well counter offers the speed, accuracy and complete range of built-in features provided by the compact CAPRAC-t counter. It performs a wipe test in just six seconds (for 1 nCi) and detects extremely low levels of activity with the accuracy only a NaI drilled-well detector can provide.
  • The CAPRAC-t system can also serve as a single-well gamma counter in departments that do not need multi-sample changers. User-defined protocols, trigger levels, and counting times are a “snap”. A 256-channel pulse-height analyzer permits built-in gamma spectroscopy. Definable conversion factors for specific radionuclides allow the CAPRAC-t counter to calculate results in cpm, dpm, nCi, cps, dps, or kBq. The CAPRAC-t unit also displays full spectrum.
  • The CAPRAC-t counter is engineered and built for years of consistent, reliable performance and is Curie or Becquerel selectable. The unit has automatic background subtraction and self-diagnosis programs for systems testing with optimized signal-tonoise ratio. It includes a lead outer shield (1.3 cm thick) with optional auxiliary shield available.


  • Type: 1.5” Sodium Iodine (NaI) drilled-well crystal
  • 256 Channel MCA manual and automatic ROI
  • Trigger Levels: User definable
  • Automated Calibration and Background Subtraction
  • QC Tests: Reproducibility, Chi-Square, MDA
  • Counting Rate: 10,000 cps

Display Screen

  • Type: 8” VGA-LCD color touch screen
  • Bq/Ci Reading: User selectable
  • Activity Display: Selected radionuclide, efficiency, measured activity, and display units
  • Count Rate Values for both wipe and lab results


  • RS-232 or USB Ports for compatible non-host based printers

PC Port

  • Interface: RS-232 and USB

Power Requirement

  • 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) 25W


  • Diagnostic: Full test of program and system memories
  • Display
  • Well counter
  • Stand display
  • Power supply
  • 25 pin connector