A flexible and completely automated synthesis system for routine production of wide variety of Carbon-11 labeled compounds based on the generation of gas-phase C-11 Methyl Iodide or optional C-11 Methyl Triflate synthesis. Automating the synthesis is simple, with easy-to-use configuration software the Synthra MeIplus module offers both fully automatic and manual modes of operation.

Using in-target produced Carbon dioxide, high specific activity preparations are produced ranging from 10 Ci/μmol to 24 Ci/μmol when high purity target gas is used for [11C]-CO2 production.

  • Built-in filter integrity test for final filtration
  • Built-in preparative Radio/HPLC system for product collection
  • Reaction vessel with integrated cooling to reduce reaction time
  • Column oven for solid support CH3I reactions
  • Chemically inert valves with low dead volume
  • Chemically inert vacuum pump
  • 7 glass vials for reagents
  • Three electronic flow controllers
  • One leak detector
  • Chemical inert dispenser
  • Automatic, pneumatic injection valve
  • All wetted components are chemical inert

[11C] compounds [11C]

Radiotracer   Target                                      Application  

Raclopride   D2 dopamine receptors   Neuropsychiatric disorders  

DASP   D2 dopamine receptors   Neuropsychiatric disorders  

Flumazenil   Benzodiazepine receptor   Neurodegenerative diseases  

Methionine   Amino acid transporter   Brain, head and neck, lung and

                                                                               Breast cancer, lymphomas  

Choline   Choline kinase   Brain tumours, prostate, lung and

                                                                               esophageal cancer  

Thymidine   Thymidine kinase-1   Tumour proliferation  

Palmitate   Myocardial tissue fatty

                           acid metabolism   Heart diseases      

Specifications Yields                               

>50% for [11C]-CH3I in less than 8 min 

Time for sequential synthesis  <10 min 

Number of consecutive [11C]-CH3I synthesis <  15