The active gas compression system can be added to your hot cell configuration. It is designed to store radioactive contaminated exhaust air in buffer tanks for decay. The exhaust air can be collected from one or more hot cells.

The system can be connected to Von Gahlen synthesis- and R&D hot cells, is plc controlled, and easy to use. The AGC system can be controlled through the hot cell interface. It is equipped with several safety features to prevent any contaminated air to be released into the atmosphere

  • Low maintenance, oil free compressor
  • A unit is consisting of a buffer tank, compressor and a number of storage tanks
  • The buffer tank operates under negative pressure and collects exhaust fumes from the connected hot cells
  • Safety features on tanks to guard maximum system pressure of 15 bar, automatic switch to next tank when tank is full
  • The standard configured unit has two storage tanks for a total of 2 hours storage time, the amount of storage tanks can be increased to meet specific requirements or user preference
  • The decay time can be preset depending on isotope
  • A warning will indicate that the set decay time has passed
  • Tanks do have a common exhaust system with a damper to gradually release the decayed, compressed, stored gas
  • System can be connected to Von Gahlen synthesis- and R&D hot cells
  • PLC controlled, easy to use system
  • Compressor on-off from operator side in clean room at hot cell HMI
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